Front Porch No. 3

FRONT PORCH NO. 3    by dah

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  • What is this, the El Norte and blanca version of Roberta and Renata on OBX?
    There HAS to be a good story about this one!
    Nice fill-in light, by the way, on the figure on the left.

  • Are these the young ladies from Eastern Europe that were working in OBX for the summer that appeared in a previous post? I recognize the girl on the right…

  • OK, I found the link to “Summer Job”, a Dialogue post featuring these ladies and tried to post a link but it’s not showing up.

  • Ohhhhhhhhh…..
    Those black shorts…….

  • Another example of why people should never turn off their Xmas lights.

  • i just liked the way the lipstick matched the Burn logo….

  • OK, starting to worry about you Harvey..

  • I have more imagination than you, David…. :O)

  • DAVID,

    I am happy, that you frequently publish your own photos. Just, keep going.

    and yes, this is very pretty… photo :)
    Some things are never change!

  • Gordon , I guess we weren’t the only ones to have this same thought :)
    But are right everything flows nice, the girls themselves,the christmas lights(as mv pointed out),the colors, the white, the red, even the match with the Burn logo (yes guys..the Burn logo is up there…coming on the top if you look a second time hehe)

    And Sidney, that would be a very hard El Norte and blanca version of ourselves to beat… they’re so pretty! (making really easy David’s job).Certainly, thanks for the association..a flattering one. Nice to bump into you again Sidney! That’s always nice…

    Justin…what a memory! The winner!
    Wendy..The black shirt..Probably David havent noticed it till this moment! Like he mentioned; he was so concentrated on Burn Logo. A big warming hello to you Wendy (Eva and Civi too..when they come around)

  • 2012 is going to be such a good year.

  • its the opposed body language in this that intrigues me.

    ……And those colors are not even in the same ball park.

  • Body language.. to the left it’s a loud NO.. such a difference if taking Sidney’s first sentence.. opposed feelings, warm vs. cold, open vs. locked up.. South vs. North..

    Not really very convinced by this photo, the expression of the woman to the left.. uhmm..

  • I usually stop taking pictures, when a woman gives me such a look.
    DAH certainly is much braver than I am ;-)


    the trouble with editing an online magazine is that many know what you are up you…i can’t get away with anything anymore….i have no private life :) yes, the Ukraine community is another whole story to be told down here….but i have no time to take on any other projects…my family , my friends, are telling me to not take on anything more…so, this story is open for you!


    yes those black shorts…i have pictures of these women at the local fishing pier also…dressed as only they can dress…so funny to see the shots of the fishermen pretending not to notice…wanna see these shots? buy my OBX book!! teasing, for you a comp copy….


    just now starting to worry? hmmm, many threw in the towel long ago…


    really? on my computer, Dasha on the right, lipstick almost a perfect match…but yes reds almost can never be matched exactly without a bit of photoshop and even then might not…well maybe here yes, but in ink? really hard.


    i always love to read your analysis…your unique style always resonates..missing our mutual energies in Rio….Rio is going back to the wall…next week in New York…oh yes, by the way, i hope the wall in Rio has been re painted after we (me) destroyed it…so our total damage was: one glass topped coffee table and three walls needed to be re painted..right? total is about $700. worth of damage to our apartment…Rio is an expensive city!!


    you probably do have more imagination …i was blinded by the light (quiz, what song?)


    so now i am being called “brave” for taking this picture! ok :) well it is interesting you point out the look which you are assuming is somehow threatening…hmmmm, detached is what i was going for, not aggressive….i have been working on “detached” lately…ok now a little game for you…can you remember at least two others i have published recently which would go with this series?


    always always good to see your name here on Burn…this week is crazy for me, but next week i will look for you on skype…i want to catch up on your life…..


    as i wrote to Thomas, the series is “detached”…i will publish or link the contact sheet on this….there are several ways to go….i have done so so much warm, that i have started experimenting with cold or apparent cold but maybe not cold….warm might be too easy….. just thinking, playing…


    i was thinking the same thing


    my holiday lights are always on…

  • Boy, am I ever proud of my Ukrainian DNA heritage as I slowly enjoy this shot!

    David, I began to appreciate the tilted image just before the Rio workshop, and was really excited to see you use it so often then in your work. With this photograph the tilt adds a layer of excitement to the composition, but I still don’t understand the thinking behind the doing.

    If one imagines this image re-framed level to the horizon, one realizes the woman on the right is shorter than the other. Tilting the camera makes her appear taller, and changes the “democratic relationship” between the two figures. It’s very intriguing, because this technique can both change the energy of the form, and the content’s editorial intention.

    I’ve been trying to realize the tilt technique and lately have been shooting digitally in the local forests, shooting trees, twisting and turning the camera to see if I can add this sort of vitality to my images. My singular lack of success makes me realize I’m not understanding the dynamics of the tilt…but that just makes me want to understand it all the more! I’ve tried making parallel the lines of interest to the frame-edge, and filling the frame in the most fulsome manner possible. It remains a frustrating thrill; when I look at the shot above I just want to figure out the disconnect of what is failing me against what succeeds so easily for you.

  • JEFF

    i never really realize i am “tilting”…i am simply looking at the flow of elements….at that split second moment i wanted the black shorts and just a hint of her tilt no shorts no legs…no tension…boring….back up? even more boring…this way roof line “points’ to the girl on left….why would gravity or a horizon line be THE guides for an image anyway? science over art? smiling

    if you were sitting across from me and i was talking to you, i would not be aware of a horizon line…very unlikely i would be looking at you in a rigid way no matter what…now, IF the horizon is actually in the picture , then it becomes part of the composition …as a line..not as a horizon line…just another could be irritating if the horizon line is so tilted that it makes you “dizzy”, otherwise, what’s the big deal??

    better not to think too much about these kinds of things…just shoot what feels right..if it feels right, it is right….

  • DAVID,

    Yes, I will try catch you on skype also. Best on some weekend. :)

  • You are right..we were like a classic rock band in a hotel room ahahah Actually we liked that apartment so much, we’ve chosen not to move back to the bigger fancier one(where we’ve had a great deal..David’s charm… and would pay even less) and things ironically just got wrong with this one; you managed to break a whole glass table in your last hour in Rio and none really knows how to explain that ,Renata is still with that image in her mind, the walls didnt survive our 30 packages of the most super expensive glue designed only for walls’care? But those were such perfect clean walls..the perfect gallery. How to resist? In the end, that was the most expensive apartment for sure, but Im sure we’d do everything again. That was worthy each cents..from meetings, parties, dinners, the comprehensive neighboors , to the hammock and the ham cheese quiche at the corner. And the walls..oh..those walls (yes..they survived..i’ve made sure they got a good proper painting for the next time)!Rock stars!

  • Filling in the frame is what I thought. The funny thing is that in the viewfinder my eyes still seem connected to the ground and I don’t yet just see the image within the frame. In a way it remains some sort of bottleneck; being rooted in the science of physics is hindering the looseness of art. Breaking that tie shall be overcome!

    Cool advice; thanks.

  • Ah David,
    Im specially anxious and extremely excited for the next steps of baby “One Night in Rio”.My heart, soul and mind will be there with you in New York next week,fixed on your walls again. A week that will help to guide all those two years making the Rio as everyone knows in a real Rio along a journey to get it raw, honest and flaming like you did!Very proud seeing it getting ready and coming to life

  • I want to see No. 2 and No. 1
    Great to read about the “tilt” I have also failed miserably at times with it but never given it a thought to do it for the heck of it…I was just to fit everything in the frame as David said.

    I like what Chris Johns says in the interview…if you are not making mistakes you are not pushing yourself.

  • yeah david…
    i wanna see those shots… :)
    i like that….

  • David..

    Playing is good, always, no matter what :)

    Roberta.. big warm hug to you!

  • John..

    last one, no doubt, most vulnerable one..

  • John,


    But that’s after seeing the others…you still get that “crazy feel” or “disturbed” (on purpose)? from his stare from the others because of how he is dressed.

  • John,

    first one and last one work for me.

  • John, first and then last for me too…

  • John…

    First and last, those two are so yours.

  • DAVID,
    game accepted :)

    maybe I am a little lost in translation, and “detached” has different meanings in German, so I am trying to translate to German back to English, for the meaning – I would go for “worldly-wise” for “detached”, if that makes sense.

    with that in mind, I would select these pictures to go with the #3 photo:×597.jpg
    this picture, might also fit in the context:×600.jpg

    however, I am biased with the title “FrontPorch #3″, so I would expect some pictures with relationship to your front porch to really fit to the series.
    Unfortunately, I don’t really find them looking back through the dialogue here, the instagram pictures and the rio pictures. The pictures I would select to combine this with “detached” and “front porch” would include pictures with Michelle and your son, Bryan.

    …and now I am really curious how far off I was with my selection :)

  • john
    1 and 3….
    what is the photo being used for?

  • Thomas…

    I believe your third link is the same two young ladies. That would go with the above quite well then. Must be one more out there.

  • The 2 of Dasha it’s interesting how she seems wiser, so much younger in the first one. Perhaps it’s her mood or more comfort with the camera. I love the lines of the lights …and that they’re always on:)

    Nice to see moon light profile one again too -beautiful w/ocean at night in the background.

    John, I was most struck with #1.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I will go for the lips…how do you,photophilosophers say it? the contrast…

    RENATA…I am here…warm hug from a BURNING lady like you…oime…I am in Heaven!

    THOMAS…you can do it…I am waiting:)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    JOHNYG…I am going for number three…

    always three…:))))))))))))…

  • Lots of dialogue here and it is late and I can’t catch up on it all, so I think I will just echo Wendy’s comment:

    Those black shorts…….

    John – I couldn’t narrow it down to one. Not even two. Nor three. I was barely able to narrow it down to four. I will look again tomorrow, after I sleep.


    in this case, I would go for “Summer Job”, that certainly makes the most sense:


    in this case I would go for both pictures of “summer job”

  • Michael, David,

    in this case, I would go for the “Summer Job” post, with the two pictures there.

    (have posted it now for the third time, and hope only one shows here, finally)


  • tried to post it three times now. maybe it is in moderation?

  • my guess is then “summer job” with all two pictures and the one here above as the third….

  • ah, posting the link does not show here. so, probably in moderation.
    I stop spamming now :)

  • JOHN

    i would choose either the first or the last…in the long run, depending on context, just visually, probably the first…for one thing, the first goes more with your overall body of portraits the best i think…i like the expression of the last, but not the picture itself so much..the look in the eyes, the emotion is great, but as a photograph , well not so nuanced as it could be…picture number one is complete…yea, number one..

  • THOMAS..

    there are no comments in moderation…as a registered commentator here, you would never have anything in moderation..there must be some other glitch…

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