who is this?


if you have Skyped with this person you may not play….if not, you may guess who this is…honor system please….first correct answer receives my slightly used Timbuk2 messenger bag with camera insert adaptation…ok, ready set go!!

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  • Oh…I won!!

    Well, at first, as I looked at the photo I thought it was a certain Burn Superstar from Texas but then, I saw the name…

    I have been a regular reader of your web adventures since the begining of Road Trips and followed on to Burn. I look at the photographs and try to follow the comments. It is a very enjoyable experience. Yes, I am one of the (many) lurkers. I don’t really have anything interesting to show so that’s why I’m here, in silence. Always.

    Many thanks again!



  • “you may guess who this is” …….. Martin you just incriminated yourself as technically you didn’t guess …….. “but then, I saw the name… ” ………………..grin

  • Imants

    Well, english is not my first language so I do have a good alibi!

  • Ahh that won’t stack up as you read English in order to enter……….grin

  • I have no idea who that dude is.

  • My book just arrived via Fed Ex. Production quality is stunning. Thrilled skinny right now. All that work. Those late nights. So worth the effort. Just need to sell some now.

    Please take a look for yourselves at PHOTOHUMOURIST.com.
    Thank you.
    Paul Treacy.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    1,000.000.00 and going…you will sell…not the best economy out there But that’s life…
    and don’t forget to put your book “up” there…not “down” there…:)))

    This dude is an Aussie with a Latvian soul…go figure…!

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