A little known fact about flies is that they like to sunbathe. Not outside, but inside in a home, behind a large window, so there’s less of a draft. Flies don’t like draft, it makes them get a cold and we all know that flies cannot stand getting a cold. Flies bathe so much just to keep their size small and their color black. Never seen by humans, newborn flies are actually humungously large and white and hairy, not unlike a sheep. But with wings obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. As soon as baby flies can stand on their six feet, mom takes everyone out to sunbathe, instantly shrinking them to normal fly size and turning their color to a healthy, charcoaled black. This is the real reason why we sometimes see birds fly into large windows. And why clever farmers always keep their sheep in the sun.

Photo by: Anton Kusters @antonkusters

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