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1610972_10155840055645022_873040097838668119_n Retro. Atacama Desert, Chile. On assignment NatGeo. From my book Divided Soul (Phaidon).#chile #kodachrome #leica

Surf lessons


Surf lessons. This little sweetheart has no choice but to be a surfer girl and a photographer. That is until she figures out what she wants to be. Surfing is the most pure sport. Natures energy. All here all now. Family snaps my favorite hobby. ‪#‎obx‬

4th of July


If you are in the U.S., happy 4th of July from the Harvey family. If you are not in the U.S. you don’t care. We are not really sitting around celebrating independence. Nope. It’s just a central summer holiday with no pressure and summer love and hot dogs and no bye bye American pie. Pretty chill. Anyway have a great day wherever you may be.#obx #july

Cover of Leica’s M Magazine


Cover of Leica’s M Magazine featuring some of my Brazil work. This from Salvador, Bahia. Rio and Bahia have been favorites of mine for awhile now. Both featured in NatGeo. Rio the source of one book and another upcoming. If a photographer or any artist gets locked into a place, there must be a reason. If the “reason” is only in your imagination, so much the better. ‪#‎Brazil‬ ‪#‎bahia‬ ‪#‎leica‬



As I post here tonight, the opening of my three part show NO FILTER is happening at Look3. Yet I am not at my own opening of a show of which I’m actually proud. We worked on it. It’s only a one week pop up show in reality. Yet it’s sorta my hometown crowd. Friends and family. So I gotta give them a good one. After 4 days of hanging large prints . This one the cover of my new book Tell It Like It Is But I’m making everybody crazy calling my two key printers and wanted to make last minute changes. We did.Scott @scottthode and Kaya @kayaleeberne led an incredible team who made this happen for me. So many thanks. Yet even though they did the work, I’m burned so I’m hanging at home outer banks and heading for LOOK3 next week. @burnmagazine will have a special place as well. We will announce the EPF grant recipients and launch two new books. So my whole “Burn/DAH circus” as we call ourselves , will be there. Please come and buy us a beer. Thanks! #burnmagazine #burnbooks #tellitlikeitis #look3

Wet silver


Wet silver #tellitlikeitis #burnbooks #burnmagazine #blackandwhite



Springtime fresh Kodak snapshot that I just couldn’t resist! The air is simply magic in the outer banks in spring..warm during day, coolish at night, windows open for good sleeping..I have lots going on. Ready to launch a book and big print show in the works definitely has an edge to it…all the more reason for a light touch.. #obx #spring

Chelydra Serpentina Serpentina



Her name is Chelydra Serpentina Serpentina. Her pink tongue wiggles when under water to simulate a worm to attract a fish which then becomes breakfast. Her mouth opened now simply as a defense against me. An intruder in her space. She should know by now I am her friend. I’m a turtle/tortoise man since childhood. How do I know she is a she? Because this is egg laying time down here in the marshes of the outer banks. The only time you can see snappers out of the water and moving around on land is in spring for egg laying. The eggs don’t have much of a chance with fox and raccoons around. Yet some make it after 90 days of incubation. If by some miracle a baby does make it to the water and survive the first few years , then there are zero natural predators. However ,crossing the highway is not something these prehistoric looking creatures were hard wired to protect themselves against. So they are dependent on motorists like me who will stop the car and move them to safer ground. This full grown ( probably 30 lbs) female just showed up in my front yard about sunrise as I was having morning coffee. I did not mess with her because she didn’t appear to want to be messed with!! I wanted to point her in the right direction, yet she had a mind of her own and slid off into the bushes. I hope to meet her again next spring. #obx #easternsnapper



Soundside. #obx