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OBX July 13, 2016.

Rodanthe pier


Rodanthe pier.





Good neighbor



My good neighbor Frank@obxhomepage is up to shoot every single sunrise here in the outer banks. Most often at the Nags Head Pier. Frank and his wife Dawn, who runs a health spa, take good care of my house and cats while I’m traveling. Frank is a preacher, teacher, inventor, landscape architect, photographer,and real estate salesman depending on the day. Most full time people down here have multiple jobs. Not traditional career track types, they just do what they can to stay here on the beach. I’m a bit of an oddity here because I can’t do any job that would pay me to stay here. So I’m viewed as a man with no marketable skills. It’s ok. The locals can at least see I’m a bit of a renegade as are they. When you get this far from the so called “real world” then it becomes of course it’s own reality. I’ll continue to look for Frank’s sunrise shots. ” Here comes the sun little darlin….” Lyrics always bouncing around inside my head.




Cruisers. 7-11-16. OBX.




Outer Banks. Family.




Outer Banks. I’m just home from 6 weeks on the road. With no more than two nights in the same bed. On the move was I. Not my normal style. First I had an exhibit in Rome, then a workshop in Milan. Then a magazine assignment. I usually don’t move much on a shoot. I did this time out of respect for @tejucole and the New York Times Magazine and @kathyryan1 my good friend and pro colleague for 25 years or more. Plus it’s a very good story. Yet homesick I return to what summers here at home are all about. I have sworn to myself I won’t move for the rest of the summer. Will I be lazy? I wish I could be. I have work to do. Editing. Book layouts. Darkroom printing. Yet I will still try to waste as much time as possible!!!




Outer Banks summer day.



Malta. July 4, 2016. I must soon say goodbye to my Italian family and collaborators. Photographer Illaria Datri @leslis , Francesca Gennari @fran.gennari picture editor @burnmagazine and Diego Orlando @diegorlando have been an amazing team for our work for The New York Times Magazine the last two weeks. Now we relax a bit after our dinner with novelist Teju Cole @_tejucole who will craft the NYTimes piece. Thanks amici miei for some beautiful moments.