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I just want to thank my good friend Yun Puente who has been a good second assistant as well as being one of my top characters for the BeachGames zine/book upcoming. She’s leaving in a couple of days to go back to her “real job”. I’m in the zone with my all Mexican cast. Check out IG Stories for a bit of the process. We are also going live here from time to time. That live bit is and stories are censored a bit so IG doesn’t shut me down. Use your imagination. The book of course won’t be censored.
Ok back to work.

Black and white

Playa del Carmen. My final push for BeachGames zine/book…On the other hand why would I ever want to finish?

Playa del Carmen

BeachGames. Playa del Carmen.

First day of BG

My first day of continuing BeachGames work near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This book will be labeled fiction, yet I also do a lot of random “street” doc pictures like this as well. It will all fit into my twisted tale.

Tres amigos

I photographed these three amigas a couple of weeks ago in Mexico City at their rooftop hang spot and will now meet them again in Playa del Carmen. They will be the stars of my BeachGames book shoot. Good friends all. No plan other than to let everybody do their thing. I’ve got a one on one student for my first week of shooting and considering a 2-3 student workshop for the following week. Not a normal workshop. Simply a time for intense shooting on my part and mentoring by example and continuos critique. I can’t always have somebody with me when I’m working but I can in this beach game mode. Anything can happen. Serendipity the key. I will be building a book and can help others to do so. Contact: if you have the temperament for an educational hang in the atmosphere of a for real shoot. This whole thing was only “planned” a week ago. What I love about this work is that I have no idea what my next two weeks will be like except that they will be out of control. These ladies will show the way. I just do click click..

Playa del Carmen

I shot this a few years ago in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on a Magnum assignment. Going back next week to finish up BeachGames zine/book. My friends from Activa photo school in Mexico City will join me. They will be my subjects for the most part. I like most shooting the people I’m hanging with anyway. Makes for a good flow. I’m after nuance, so most likely the more I know the more mysterious I can be.

Off soon

I’m off very soon to the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Playa del Carmen. To shoot more for my BeachGames book to be published late 2017. I think this might be good for anyone in this audience to come along for a one on one workshop experience. I’ve done this before. I take on a talented photographer who wants a workshop with me while I’m really shooting for a book. Yes this is super last minute. I will arrive Playa del Carmen January 3 and shoot for over a week. If you have any interest in applying contact: @michellemaddensmith via direct message Instagram. What I’ve done before is to have the workshop student basically shooting along with me. Daily critique of course of your work and a first hand look at how I build on an essay. 24 hour immersion. Again I’m only taking on ONE. Portfolio review required. If you have a flex schedule and can move fast, this experience will be one of a kind. I do this very rarely but this beach and scene lends itself to this approach. For sure a potentially terrific way to start the New Year and move you forward with your work.

Eastern Shore

Eastern Shore, Va. 12-23-16. Road to ? Little known and sparsely populated the Eastern Shore of Virginia is a treasure. A sliver of land when seen from the air. A combo of farmland and protected Atlantic ocean barrier islands and the Chesapeake Bay on the other side. Marshes, woods, oyster roasts, blue crab feasts, kite boarding, small town charm, and country roads that take you where you didn’t know you wanted to go.

Mexican rooftop

Rooftop. Mexico City. I leave here today for home. I want to thank all of my Mexican friends for the very best hospitality. I had a fantastic time with all of you. I will return soon . Muchisima gracias🎈🇲🇽


I’ve had the best time in Mexico City. Mostly hanging out with photo and art students. Always a good crowd in every country. Yet few cultures are more hospitable all around than Mexicans. I’ve worked lots in Mexico yet I don’t know México City at all. This young crowd has been showing me around right in the middle of their final projects being due. Anyway I’m always shooting whatever is around me and the light was right for this painter Daniela in her rooftop studio.