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Afternoon storm builds outside the broken wall of an old lighthouse built in 1889 that the locals call “las ruinas” near Wilderness surfers beach on the west side of Puerto Rico.#puertorico #jobos #fujixpro2

Sunset pose


Sunset pose. Jobos, Puerto Rico. After teaching my workshop in Old San Juan, I came to Jobos and havn’t moved. In general I don’t move much. I tend to fly far from home, yet then settle into a new “home” so I can get to know those around me and blend into the scene. Jumping from place to place just isn’t my thing. Do I miss some good scenes by not being the perfect tourist? Surely I do. Yet for me it’s more about mood than about a new place. I can’t go everywhere and see everything anyway. I think photographers often burn out trying to do so. So I figure wherever I am when the vibe is right is THE place to be. Pictures are everywhere. I would rather hang tight in a few places than scramble to see dozens. After I’m totally saturated in one location, then I may move. So for a world traveler I havn’t been to that many places, yet I sure have seen a lot. #beachlife #springbreak #beachgames #surfer #puertorico #jobos #fujixpro2 #sunset

Room with a view


Room with a view. Jobos, Puerto Rico. BeachGames.#FujiX-T10 #beachlife #puertorico

Not Jesus

1919333_10156708017045022_2477813867825676575_n This is not Jesus. This is a representation of one of the two allegedly common criminals who were crucified with Jesus. Re-enacted last night in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. In my years of photographing the Spanish cultural diaspora into the Americas, I’ve photographed many a Good Friday procession in many Catholic countries. So for about 3 hours last night I was totally immersed. Intense. And of course I have many pictures of a cross carrying actor Jesus whipped while walking the streets and eventually symbolically hung in front of the church. I will post one of those as well. Yet the odd juxtaposition of this secondary actor with a crowd paying no attention to him caught my eye. This just after sunset light was surreal. Even more so with college spring break fiestas raging in bars a half block away. All this and more coming up in next IG posts. #Easter #goodfriday #sanjuan #puertorico #fujixpro2






Midnight my rooftop, city lights illuminate. #iphone#puertorico #sanjuan

Puerto Rico


Ever since my university days I figured I was too tall to be a photographer. Too obtrusive. So I compensated by minimizing by physical impact any way that I could. So I don’t move much. I can stay “frozen” in one spot forever. I’ve shot some of my best pictures sitting at a cafe or leaning against a wall or my fave sitting on a curb where nobody sees me at all as “threatening”. So I “hide” in plain sight. Throw in the iPhone and I’m as low impact as I’m ever gonna be. No photo vests or long lenses or two big cameras swinging around for me. All that stuff only slows you down anyway unless one is a sports or wildlife photographer. Nimble works. I’m here in San Juan PR prepping for my students to arrive Sunday. We are pretty much set, so yesterday was just a family beach day. My sons were both kiteboarding in heavy winds and I was trying to get out of the wind and went to a beach bar to sip a local rum. Of course I’m always shooting whatever is around. From my view, wherever you are is THE place to be shooting. Sure, I like shooting in India and Cuba and Rio and Monument Valley and other photo hot spots like everyone else. Yet even in those places you will find me tucked in a corner. Lay low go slow… Think fast. #iphone #puertorico #sanjuan @burnmagazine @magnumphotos

Workshop team



Workshop team Puerto Rico. This same crew was here in PR to shoot for FujiFilm back before Christmas. Bryan shot, produced, edited the video. He’s here now to direct an upcoming piece for an online tutorial. Michelle has produced several workshops for me prior and does her own online art workshops. Both Bryan and Michelle’s greatest production however is Lyla who cannot really be described in words! Liaryz Ramos was part of our December shoot and later helped run the Magnum workshop in Tokyo just a few weeks ago. My students show up in a few days so we are simply doing prep work since we’ve never done a workshop here prior. I take mentoring students just as seriously as I do producing my own work. I’m all in. That’s why I cannot do more than 4 per year. Max energy and effort. After this I’ll do one in Poland in May and one in New York in the fall. Anyway as always with me, family rules. The workshop students always also become “family”. Those who continue to take their work seriously, I continue to take seriously as well. @bryanharveyfilms @michellemaddensmith @iridiscencia_ @magnumphotos @burnmagazine @burndiary



Christ figure under full moon. Corcovado. Rio de Janeiro. Only 3 days left for my Brazil small print sale. 6×9 image size on an 8.5 X11 piece of paper. Archival pigment print made by master printer Michael Courvoisier. $125. Limited by time and by size. Link to Burn store in my profile above. All details there on these prints which are smaller than an expensive collector print yet every bit the same otherwise. For the next 3 days we are also selling 5 copies only of my original edition of Based On A True Story which is now 10 times its original value in the collector market. I’m doing what I always do. Make quality stuff. Some of it premium priced and worth it. Proven in the market.Some of it affordable for young photographers and new collectors yet with zero drop in quality. This goes for my workshops, my books, and my prints. All of them priced premium yet fair and also plenty of free workshops, and book giveaways, and print donations and well sales like this one. That’s my biz model. Basically a break even biz model. Keeps me on my toes. Keeps life interesting. Learning and shooting is the only way for me. By the way the helicopter pilot who flew this for me was supposed to have landed 20 minutes before we did. Low fuel because he wasn’t prepared to fly past dark and we were supposed to land at an unlit field. But I couldn’t resist pushing it a bit to get the light just right. Carnaval is happening Rio right now. Corcovado reigns above. Sinners repent. #brazil #rio




My random pictures are so so random. So I’m walking down my street with three close friends who were having a beer on my front porch. Spring in February. We were all headed to watch the sunset at the beach at the end of my street. Not a single soul there except us. For about a minute and then out of nowhere comes this young woman with red hair that just popped in the sunset light. Cold call. May I please take your picture ? I can’t do it quite right on Instagram but I can print this to look like a brushstroke on canvas. That’s what I saw. Thanks Karly. I texted you the picture. #obx #redhair