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South Beach, Miami. #beachgames

Miami South Beach


South Beach, Miami. Mangos Bar. I’ve got a few days now before my Magnum colleagues arrive. Yup Magnum on vacation. We gather now with no biz meeting just to talk and look at each other’s work. Ironic that I’m in Miami anyway to shoot BeachGames, teach a workshop, and have an exhibit “BeachGames” on the walls of HistoryMiami Museum as I continue to shoot on that very project just blocks away. It’s not the first time I’ve exhibited before a book actually exists. I had a Divided Soul exhibit 10 years prior to Phaidon publishing. So I’m cruising South Beach. If ever there was a place to shoot BeachGames , this has to be it. Every beach game possible in a 200 yard strip. I guess it’s apparent to some by now that BeachGames is my own beach game. Fictionalized. Or not. Who can ever know? Mangos is a tourist trap of first order, yet a great place to shoot nevertheless. Well managed and with expensive drinks to pay for the continuous bar stage show, it’s a photographer’s dream bar studio. Everybody wants to be photographed in South Beach. Rather expects to be photographed. So I’m on the loose. No obligations except to find a moment or two. For real or imagined. My mind starts to spin… #southbeach #beachgames #fujifilm #miamistreetphotography #miami

El Batey


Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. El Batey bar and pool hall is an after hours hang open til 7am. I always try to get into any bar scene long before it gets super crowded. That way I can befriend the bartenders and the owner etc so I can work without any problems. Good relations with those around me always a goal. #fujifilm #puertorico #beachgames #sanjuan

Bye Puerto Rico


Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Late night rainy night adios. I always hate goodbyes. Whenever I’m working on any new photo essay I of course make new friends. Many thanks especially to my Boricua amigos Alvaro, Payola, and Li for making so many pictures possible. I will be back soon. Abrazos. #sanjuan #fujifilm #beachgames #puertorico


12107189_10156250771280022_4480050023052743527_n Somewhere between San Juan and Jobos, Puerto Rico. Dasha just arrived from Ukraine to work on BeachGames and do my tech stuff and doing the same at my Miami Street Photography workshop next week in Miami. Yes I’m driving and grooving on Dasha’s soundtrack along with Payola @payolaisabel my fixer here in PR. We are traveling about 65mph and this is a selfie and my eyes appear closed. Yet it must have been just a blink because we’ve arrived safely at Jobos, a surfer’s dream. My whole family is now in PR .So we will have Thanksgiving here. Yea yea I know it’s not safe to drive and do selfies so I won’t do that again. I blame the sound track. #puertorico #sanjuan #beachgames #iphone

Skate bowl


El barrio La Perla. San Juan, Puerto Rico. This skate bowl and sometime swimming pool was built in 2005. The sweet beauty of this bowl is that it’s right on the beach. Matter of fact this barrio occupies the best waterfront location in San Juan yet has avoided tourist development. The locals want to stay local. I get keeping things real. My son Bryan was filming, and Michelle and Lyla nearby. The family on assignment. The way we’ve done it many times over the years. We all loved our new La Perla family as well. An afternoon to be remembered forever. #puertorico #sanjuan #fujifilm #laperla #skateboarding




San Juan, Puerto Rico. Skateboarder.

Puertorican cat


Piñones, Puerto Rico. This is one of my favorite places to shoot in San Juan. When I find a fave spot I return again and again. I shot here years ago for my book “Divided Soul” and just returned yesterday for this picture. No way to plan something like this, yet the right mood is all it takes. Good vibes are where pictures come from, not spectacular places. This little restaurant on the beach is one of many. I just stopped here to get a sandwich and a beer. There was zero going on. Flat light. No music. No party. Many would say no picture here. Then I saw the cat. There’s always a key. I “talk” to my cats at home. This one a beauty who understood me. I wasn’t hungry any more. I got in “the zone” for about 10 minutes. I live for this. #fujifilm #sanjuan #cats #puertorico

Isla Verde


Sunrise Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. I like to shoot all the time including while I’m having my morning coffee, texting friends, and trying to figure out what to shoot.The eye needs its morning exercise. #iphone #sanjuan #puertorico #islaverde

Puerto Rico

12234851_10156228721565022_4086812455742472957_n I’ve just arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For the next two weeks I will be posting from here before heading to Miami. Yes, working on BeachGames. I have an odd little rule for myself. I shoot the very first thing I see when I arrive to a new location. Right off. I don’t weigh it, I just shoot it. To get my motor running. If I wait too long or think too much I might freeze. I also make friends with the first person I meet. So this birthday party was happening right in the lobby of my small beachside hotel as I was checking in, so I joined in not knowing anyone at all. I was treated as a guest instantly. Before my bags were even in my room. Surely I will be in all kinds of scenarios for the next month. Yet this is the first one. From past experience I know my new amigos here will take good care of me. The big warm and why I love my work so much. #puertorico #sanjuan #birthday