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Paraty, Brazil


Water glass. Rio


Venice #4


Gueorgui Pinkhassov and his daughter Alexandra in Venice.






His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, 32, Crown Prince of Dubai, climbs the pinnacle of Birj Kalifa during this month’s SuperMoon.

Video shot in real time by Dubai Film Production



Daniel Eliseu, 6, tees up for the “target practice” with his father as the coach/target. Little Daniel is from the nearby community Babilônia.



Football party in Santa Teresa



Water rescue lifeguards do their daily training. The super good surfing waves are also potentially treacherous for inexperienced swimmers. Ending today my two weeks of shooting for upcoming BEACH GAMES zine.



Antonio Chaves, 92 , comes to the beach daily to get 20 minutes of sun.



A chilly 72 degrees F keeps locals off Ipanema, yet the beach is packed with victorious Germans who figure this a warm beach day. 


BEACH GAMES  by David Alan Harvey

For sure I get wound up and totally immersed in every story I work on, yet most especially work that I do in Rio and Latin America in general. Never before have I returned to the same “stage” to do a second book. Normally I move on. Yet after my book (based on a true story) which evolved right in front of this audience, now comes book number two which will be totally different from book number one.  Or at least I am trying to make a book. I feel a book. Yet it could fail. Or, it could be a whole new thing. Time will tell.

I always gamble a bit. Take chances. The so called “safe way” never appeals.

So, in January I started working here in Rio on a new essay, BEACH GAMES, and am continuing it now as part of OffsideBrazil, a Magnum project sponsored by Save the DreamInstituto Moreira Salles, and ESPN. Neither my BEACH GAMES book efforts nor the Magnum group project involve sports style shots from the games in the stadiums, but are more about the feeling and life around the official games which as we all know by now are quite controversial from a social/political perspective.

Yet I am working towards symbols and feel no need to answer every question nor tell every aspect of “the story”. Really good stories are “stories” and not encyclopaedic. I am never interested in the  hypothetical “whole story”. When I think of literary authors, they never tell the whole story. Just their own.

Since this week is the final episode for the World Cup, I will be updating the pictures here in real time as I make them.




Life returns to “normal” in Rio after the World Cup finals. Quiet. Hanging out at one of the beachside kiosks for a coconut water or caipirinhas is always on the agenda.



German and Brazilian soccer fans were united on Leme beach yesterday for the World Cup final.



Winter swell Copacabana



Spectator hangs on a chain link fence watching an indoor football game in Morro dos Prazeres, in Rio de Janeiro



Seller on the beach in Leme 



My dear friend and producer in Rio, Roberta Tavares, sobs after Brazil had 5 goals scored against them in the first half of their World Cup game with Germany.  ”I am embarrassed and humiliated by this game. Football is the one thing that puts all the Brazilians together. For this to happen on our soil will be a game my grandchildren will be talking about”



TV is how most people see the World Cup,  even if the stadium where the game is being played is only a few miles away.



Group of friends before the Brazil x Germany game, in Lapa.



Boogie boards riders on Leme beach. Surf had been green and glassy perfect waves at this point break for the last few days.



Roberta in Leme


Quiet day in Leme beach, during the World Cup

Quiet day on Leme beach during the World Cup



Passionate Brazil fans at the end of the game after beating Colombia 2-1 in the World Cup series. 



The often feared BOPE (Special Ops Military Police) take time out from patrol for a fast pelada (casual fun only) beach game.



Ipanema beach



Everybody (well almost everybody) is ecstatic after Brazil beat Colombia last night in the quarter finals of the World Cup.



Brazil soccer fans have a combative fervor beyond anything I have seen.  Here seen taunting arch rival Argentinian supporters.



Bianca Leticia Vale, 18, is a theater student/ patient at the hospital Nise da Silveira. Theater as a therapy is the mantra for their troupe.


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<p>Photo by: David Alan Harvey

Weightlifter. Rio de Janeiro.



BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro July, 10, 2014. Perhaps the most allegoric part of BEACH GAMES is of course all about “love games”.

Weightlifter. Rio de Janeiro.


Thursday night Friday morn 475 Kent


Riders on the Storm


Riders on the storm. Billy and Sandra Stinson hold a picture of their over the water home published as a double spread in my essay on the Outer Banks NC NatGeo 2012. Their summer home was ripped off its stilts by a tidal wave that rushed up our street during hurricane Irene one month after I took this picture. The Stinsons are my neighbors, so I was right there as they prayed together with their two daughters among the rubble. Fate has brought the Stinsons in front of my lens three times, this being the third. Today they are just back after three years of rebuild. Good people they are. Folks just don’t get any better.

Front porch #4


Beer, Bait & Ammo – Michael Loyd Young

Beer, Bait & Ammo – Michael Loyd Young

In 2007 I gave a small grant from my blog Road Trips to Sean Gallagher. This first grant of 5k just came out of my pocket. Times were changing for young photographers who wanted to shoot for magazines etc., or could not finance personal projects, so it just seemed the right thing to do. It was.

I had never even seen any blog when I started Road Trips, and I am not an internet cruiser now. I still love print, the tactile nature of books especially and I work just as hard trying to help others publish their work as much as I do my own. Maybe more. The net is for audience building and information, and yet print is still the ultimate medium for fine work. Ahhh yes, and the wall.

The point is this. Others picked up on my spirit of passing the baton to the next generation and have helped me support young photographers in a way that no one else could. We have no advertising here nor any sponsors except those of you out there who do so often contribute. So you are my “stockholders” so to speak. This audience collectively and individually have been my “angel investors”. So I owe you, not anybody else.

Michael Loyd Young, featured in the video above with his new BEER, BAIT & AMMO (BurnBooks) has been a major contributor to the Emerging Photographer Fund since 2008. Mike up until today has wanted to remain anonymous as an EPF supporter and has contributed to the Burn/EPF through the Magnum Foundation which allows tax exempt donations because of their non-profit status. He is not the only one.  We have had many very generous anonymous donors all these years. Thank you all.

The Magnum Foundation, spearheaded by Susan Meiselas, also supports young photographers outside of Magnum. So it is in this spirit that the EPF exists in tandem with the MF.

Mike has told me that any book sales profits from  BEER, BAIT, & AMMO will go back to BurnBooks and the EPF. To help us with our operating costs which is always a struggle. Mostly the Burn team works for free. If we do a workshop, I make sure my crew gets paid well for those, and I cut them in on any commercial gig I may do. In other words if I make money, my team makes money. They deserve it. Still without generous support from this audience, Burn just couldn’t exist.

So check out Mike’s book. Printed in Italy, cool design, best paper and binding. Our BurnBooks crew knows how to build fine books.  Win win. Hold a fine book , help to support Burn, and support your own work as well.


I am old school. Payback pay forward, and everything will somehow work out. To tell the truth, that old idea has worked for me.  For sure “angel investors” have given us a lot, asking nothing in return except to keep supporting those who need it, and to keep publishing good books and as good an online magazine as I can do from my 11 inch laptop and my team spread out all over the world. Hey we have a lot of fun! We want you to as well.

Do I pay special attention to Michael Loyd Young and his work? Yes I do. I mentored him. Yet about 50 times less than I spend with a whole lot of other photographers and their work. I said to Mike when he told me he wanted to do this book that I would cut him no slack because he was a friend. I told him what I would tell any of you. Friendships and hanging out etc have nothing to do with an honest appraisal and editing of work. The work must stand on its own. Magnum photographers are the same way with each other. Nobody gives anybody a break on critique. Tough love works.

So, submit a story to Burn. We want good stories. Or give the current EPF a shot. 10k might just help you finish your work. Or, be a contributor and feel good about it. We will make sure you do.

By the way, come and meet us. The Burn team tries to be as accessible as possible. Ask a question here on Burn, and I will answer it. Three of my Burn team, Diego Orlando, Claudia Paladini, and my Burn startup partner Anton Kusters were part of the Magnum photo fest in Reggio Emilia , Italy just this last weekend, and one of us or all of us hit as many photo fests as possible. We will look at your work. Patience helps, but we will look. We do workshops when we can. We cannot please everyone, nor be everywhere, yet I do believe we are more personally accessible than any magazine staff you will find.

With photography as the world’s only truly common language, we see only unfathomable opportunities ahead for those who have something “to say”. If you have a voice we will listen, if you are finding your voice we will help.

One of mankind’s greatest pleasures is either the telling of or listening to a story.

That is why we are here.


Buy “Beer Bait & Ammo” by Michael Loyd Young here:








early morning rain


The Sunset Light


The sunset light coming into my house always plays nicely.

Front yard #2


Emerging Photographer Fund 2014

Emerging Photographer Fund 2014


Photo © Iveta Vaivode, EPF 2013 Finalist


Get ready to submit your greatest stuff… We are now officially announcing the Emerging Photographer Fund award for 2014…

The EPF grant is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow.

An esteemed jury will award a $10,000 grant.

THE DEADLINE FOR THE 2014 EDITION IS JULY 31 SEPTEMBER 2, 6PM PST (winners will be announced here on October 7)


($25 entry fee)

More information here: