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Just arrived London. My room pillow. Shoreditch.



I just arrived London and my room view. From Shoreditch.

Kathy Ryan


My portrait today of Kathy Ryan, Dir of Photography for NYTimes Magazine, dear friend, photoland superstar and Instagram maniac. Kathy photographed life around her for a new Aperture book, Office Romance, all about the New York Times editorial office space. iPhone only. I photographed Kathy today in her office with my iPhone. We also did a video interview about the book upcoming on Meet this woman someday if you can. If you can’t, keep a lookout for the video tomorrow. Kathy is worth your time.



My new neighbors on the 6th floor. Sasha and Jeremy. Super energy people. 475 Kent has always been a neighborly building. Very social. I doubt there are many buildings in New York quite like the community here. Not sure quite the reason. I guess there does not need to be one…



The BurnMagazine team is all camped out in my New York loft for the next few days to work on layouts for two different BurnBooks publications. This is what we woke up to this morning as coffee brewed. So I cd not help taking a picture well knowing that a skyline shot of New York with a moon is a pretty big cliché. I cannot help being impressed with the just finished Freedom Tower which is impressive in all kinds of light. Certainly a nice atmosphere to do book layouts. If you are a Burn reader stop by and see what we are doing and enjoy the view. Hot coffee and cold beer await.


Elevator 475 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn.

Photo Tip #14


Porch swing


Porch swing #outerbanks #nagshead

Nags Head Fishing Pier

I take a lot of my pictures when at home from the Nags Head Fishing Pier. My porch , the pier , that’s about it. The pier is our Sunday family breakfast must, sometime surf break, and quick easy sit under the umbrella or take a quick swim spot. Yet,I never go fishing from this fishing pier.I know winter has come though when the pier restaurant crew takes a 3 month break and we aren’t back here for another Sunday breakfast til spring. The Harvey family wants to thank the NHP restaurant team , Lovey, Paula, Arturo and a bunch of others who serve us on this sunny porch with a sunny attitude. See you next year. #outerbanks #nagshead

Evan Lettrich


Evan Lettrich sprints with his skim board out ahead and his American bull dog Buster lagging behind. This was one of those magic winter days cold but not too cold and sunny no wind. This is also one of those shots almost impossible to see on Instagram format.

Lyla’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the Harvey clan was this year pretty much centered around sweet little Lyla Maryanna who will be a year old in January. First TDay first Christmas first Birthday all coming in rapid succession. While she is the most smiling happy baby I ever saw, I can’t help but get mesmerized by her serious and yes intense side. I cannot talk to her, but no need. It’s all in the eyes. This girl will have something to say. I can just tell..

A passerby

Well I rarely post 3 shots from the same situation. Yet I couldn’t decide. From literally a few minutes under heavy winds and rain. A passerby stops to check out the scene and thus becomes a part of it. It will be interesting to see which of 3 most popular. #outerbanks #nagshead #wind

Alex b/w

#outerbanks #nagshead


It’s a cool rainy blustery day before Thanksgiving on the #outerbanks .. I love these days when most are inside watching tv. My friend @alettrich is with her family for the holiday on break from college. She’s also always up for a photo. So I shot a few playing with my new waterproof camera.


Closeout. #surf #outerbanks #nagshead #wind

Stinson Cottage

Stinson cottage in fog this afternoon. I have been taking pictures of this cottage for years. Watched it ripped apart by a hurricane and watched it rebuilt. Put a picture of it in NatGeo. The Stinsons are a terrific family. This is their summer cottage. So for now sits alone and empty in a winter fog. Summer will find us all again just hanging out. #outerbanks #nags head


Miju.#SouthKorea #Seoul .