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Bullet hole

A bullet hole scar on his back a young man swims for the waves. My BeachGames essay unfolds now in Rio. I am putting pictures up on the wall. I love more than anything shooting and laying out a book in real time. (based on a true story) was done that way. We are having a beer and pics going up. Most fun you can have in photography. Fun works

Posto 8

Rio de Janeiro. Here at Posto 8 on Ipanema a doctor, a lawyer, an investment banker, and a porno star work on their tan and some classic selfies. Foreigners on vacation. Carnaval mood is building by the hour.

Laying down


Rio. Copacabana. #beachgames #burnmagazine #rio

Walking on the beach


Rio. #rio #leme #copacabana #burnmagazine#beachgames #leica #monochrom

Leme Beach

Leme Beach, Rio de Janeiro. It’s Sunday and all beach games are full on…A couple of times here on Instagram I have described Rio as being a Shakespearean stage. Geographically and demographically it is for sure. Do I like the beach here? Sure. I am a born again beach bum. I live at the beach. Yet Rio is more than a beach. An eclectic cultural mix flows to the beaches here and the beach is a literal melting pot. Democratic. Anybody can go to any beach. So you see a slice of the whole demographic in one place. I am working on BeachGames my zine on the games people play. For the next three weeks I will be posting this work in real time daily.. #rio #leme #copacabana#beachgames #burnmagazine #leica #monochrom

Ipanema kids

Ipanema Beach. #rio #ipanema #beachgames#burnmagazine #leica #monochrom

Ipanema BeachGames

Ipanema. BeachGames. #rio #ipanema #beachgames#burnmagazine

Copacabana couple

Copacabana. Sketching and stretching for a BeachGames narrative. This essay follows ( based on a true story) so I can’t do a repeat. Creative suicide. So I must push it without going over the edge. I will learn a lot this month. #copacabana #beachgames#burnmagazine

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt photographed on Copacabana. Yup the dog’s real name.#rio #copacabana #beachgames#burnmagazine

Shower in Copacabana

Copacabana. #rio #burnmagazine #beachgames


Copacabana. #rio #beachgames #burnmagazine






It still always blows my mind to go from winter straight to summer. I just got off the plane this morning in my always life changing Rio de Janeiro. I have very good friends here. All I had to do today was nothing. Chill. Have a caipirinha under an umbrella. Don’t move. So caipirinha in one hand and testing a Leica Monochrome in the other. So I sat in a chair and I didn’t move. Would you?

Ashley’s tattoo

Ashley’s tattoo. Washington DC.

Nat Geo Party


NatGeo party Washington DC. These are two of the most famous natural history/adventure photographers of our time. The tribe is gathered for the annual photographers Seminar. Who are these two?




Bad day

Bad day. Unusually cold last night for the outer banks and freezing temp broke a water pipe and water came flooding into my living room and over priceless signed books now drying all over the house. Fortunately the gushing water missed the spot where all the prints and books some of you purchased at Christmas were sitting and my team works away wrapping, labeling, mailing . It’s a factory working away on top of a disaster area. Right in the middle of this nightmare I get bad news about a serious tech issue that could shut Burn Magazine down. However it’s warmed up, the sun is shining and a warm fire burns. I am sure things will end up fine. A bump in the road. Some books are just gonna hv wrinkled pages. I’m gonna go watch the sun go down.   #burnmagazine #obx