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Let’s Get the Fire Going…



Jockeys Ridge

Jockeys Ridge #outerbanks #nagshead


#outerbanks #fog

Earl Grey

I think Earl Grey just likes having his picture taken. So I oblige. Christmas over. All quiet. Nothing to be done. Nice.

Christmas Eve

It’s a summer night this winter on Christmas Eve in the Outer Banks. All my doors are wide open, yet a fire roaring just for mood. Yes Santa showed up for our family fest at my home and well it was just flat out magic. I do savor world travel yet the moments on my front porch are surely the sweetest of all.

The last four months…

The last four months. Hannah wedding to Christmas Eve. Without my iPhone shots I would never be able to remember life in sequence. When things happened is never important to me. Still it’s enlightening to see real time sequence. I do view everything as one big picture as here. Merry Christmas!



When winter comes you might think my cats would want to come inside and sleep by a warm fire. Nope. Even on the coldest days they prefer outside. Yet when I return home from driving around running errands, their fave spot is the warm hood of my truck. These two are brothers and rarely separate. Now I must drive off for Christmas prep. Hate to make them move . On the other hand the hood needs a good warm up.


I always love it if a client buys me a first class ticket.. Usually however I am flying economy. Of course like all experienced economy flyers I hv learned how to always get an exit row aisle seat OR by the right attitude at check in counter get a whole center row and end up with a stretch out sleep across the Atlantic..Flying on Monday works.. Ahhh the small pleasures!!


I just received in London 4 different paper proof sheets from my Italian printer for the upcoming 1967 retro book Tell It Like It Is on the Liggins family in Norfolk Va .. we won’t go to press until everything is PERFECT…I am a total disaster at many things but when it comes to my book designs and production, i spare nothing. Thank you @diegorlando and@antonkusters for an amazing week in nyc giving new life to my first published work. We will make a pre order limited edition of 100 with a hand made print by me in my darkroom at home. This edition represents the original book and we will also make another super quality yet super affordable large format zine. This way the collectors who can afford the limited edition will subsidize the edition for my mostly younger audience who need a bargain. Hopefully everybody ends up just right I think. Happy Holidays to all.


London. Late…

Friday night


Friday night London. Just wandering.

Bar stool

Bar stool, London.


Just arrived London. My room pillow. Shoreditch.



I just arrived London and my room view. From Shoreditch.

Kathy Ryan


My portrait today of Kathy Ryan, Dir of Photography for NYTimes Magazine, dear friend, photoland superstar and Instagram maniac. Kathy photographed life around her for a new Aperture book, Office Romance, all about the New York Times editorial office space. iPhone only. I photographed Kathy today in her office with my iPhone. We also did a video interview about the book upcoming on Meet this woman someday if you can. If you can’t, keep a lookout for the video tomorrow. Kathy is worth your time.



My new neighbors on the 6th floor. Sasha and Jeremy. Super energy people. 475 Kent has always been a neighborly building. Very social. I doubt there are many buildings in New York quite like the community here. Not sure quite the reason. I guess there does not need to be one…



The BurnMagazine team is all camped out in my New York loft for the next few days to work on layouts for two different BurnBooks publications. This is what we woke up to this morning as coffee brewed. So I cd not help taking a picture well knowing that a skyline shot of New York with a moon is a pretty big cliché. I cannot help being impressed with the just finished Freedom Tower which is impressive in all kinds of light. Certainly a nice atmosphere to do book layouts. If you are a Burn reader stop by and see what we are doing and enjoy the view. Hot coffee and cold beer await.