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Hair and Dog



Photo by Candy Pilar Godoy


Artist JR in his studio in NYC. I interviewed and photographed JR for BURN yesterday. A hard man to catch is JR. Always on the move and always for a good cause. I have photographed my share of well known artists yet IMO this man is the real thing. Stay tuned.




Retro. Medium format film. Giulia Piolanti, ballerina Cirque du Soleil. Photographed in San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy. This fibre print fresh out of my darkroom. One of a kind.

I am now ONLY interested in medium format film. Totally set to process film and print at home. A luxury beyond all. At the same time I am shooting also with my iPhone and mixing retro with 5 minutes ago. I mean why not?

Who says things must be “boxed” and in “order”? Life does come in sequence, yet memory and perception are abstract.

This is what photography IS.

If you only wanted “reality”, then no need to pick up pen, or brush, or camera.


Group shot


Jockeys Ridge, Outer Banks, N Carolina.  Dozens of families, school groups, church groups,  etc hike up this 10,000 yr old sand dune every evening for sunset photos. This is the dune where the Wright brothers tested their wing design before making the first flight.

I see this dune right out my front door. It never looks the same from one minute to the next. Weather , light, and the wind whipped shape of the dune itself is changed constantly.




Summer storm left a large puddle outside the ice cream shack in the #OBX. Photo by @kayaleeberne .

Contact sheet

Snapshots of friends and family have always been one of my loves. Here from the Look3 photo fest are Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, NYTimes Magazine; Scott Thode, Visuals Editor of E.O. Wilson’s “Life On Earth”; and their daughter Sylvie who I photographed as a baby.

Soon on Burn Magazine I will be doing a series on couples in the magazine biz. There are quite a few of note. Kathy also rips it everyday on Instagram with her incisive photos from the NYTimes office @kathyryan1

Test print

Test print at my darkroom door made by Kaya Berne who works by remote for me here at Burn Magazine while a U of Va science student.

This print is from a med format neg of Kerry Payne and Justin Staley wedding. Kerry just aced a week on BurnDiary. Kaya just aced this print. It has taken us all day to get the darkroom set up and to make only one good print. Yet the mood of film and the darkroom slows you down. Like what’s the rush?



Kodachromes from Barcelona

After super minor hernia surgery I am stuck at home eating almonds and drinking water and popping pain pills. Times like these force one to do what procrastination allows you not to do any other time. So I am now editing some Kodachromes from Barcelona and vicariously re-living my own life. From the looks of this take it appears I was having a lot of fun on the NatGeo expense account. Well I never get busted for having fun as long as I have the pictures to prove it!

South Nags Head


Ahlam on Hatteras Island


475 Kent

The “Kibbutz”…from a book upcoming.

Wilson of Shallowbag Bay



Alex Lettrich is a marine biology student at Florida Tech and a lifetime summer Carolina OBX’r. She is also an avid photographer, loving both the iPhone and the Fujifilm Instax. Her work is of the sea of course.


Summertime in the Outer Banks of North Carolina often brings an early morning rain. I travel around the world, however if not traveling I play with my iPhone and just shoot pictures close to home.
This in my driveway on the way to the grocery store. More and more my phone camera becomes a really creative tool.

Nags Head Pier

Every morning I get coffee and breakfast at Nags Head pier to start my day. This is my favorite part of being home and not on the road, as many photographers tend to travel most of the year. Birds are usually my only (and most welcome) company.