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I love shooting weddings of friends and family. I’m here now in Texas Hill Country I am shooting wedding prep at the home of my dear friends photographer Michael Loyd Young @loyd and his wife Ofe @ofemendez. Mike’s books “Blues, Booze& BBQ ” and ” Beer, Bait,&Ammo” speak to his roots. His book upcoming “Boots, Bourbon & Brisket” on this Texas Hill Country rounds out his obvious trilogy. 5 hours from now Ofe and Mike’s son Matt will marry LeAnn Falsone. Pictures coming of wedding and party to follow of course. Mike’s best buddy Miller is taking it all in as the ladies makeup. #texashillcountry

Family snapshot



Every time I leave home I tend to post a family picture. I’m leaving for Texas hill country for a few days, yet I always get homesick fast. So I always shoot my home scene daily. Mostly just snapshots at dinner or whatever. For the record. The diary. My grandfather and mother both kept prodigious diaries, so I suppose I follow with a visual version. Lyla has eyes that mesmerize, love is the prize, I do surmise, those eyes so wise.




A farmer in Puerto Rico clears land for planting. ‪#‎puertorico‬ ‪#‎farming‬ 


12991038_10156808489665022_3485523471041315068_n Early morning light hits a Catholic Church in the middle of a sugar cane plantation in Bahia, Brazil. I had been photographing the cane cutters for several days when I came across this quilombo settlement and church deep inland. I could only imagine what it might look like on Sunday morning from the air. Yet I gambled it could be spectacular since the church faced east. So I drove several hours back to Salvador and tried to remember all the twists and turns on dirt roads ( this was before google maps pin drop) ..I convinced a helicopter pilot to take off before sunrise because I thought if we flew super low I could find my way back to the quilombo. For awhile we were lost and flying aimlessly. I couldn’t find the church in the dark. Then just as the sun came up we spotted the church and the locals all headed for early Mass. Leica M6, Velvia film. #bahia #brazil #quilombo #sugarcane #church




Part of BeachGames series. Jobos, Puerto Rico. March 2016.

Room 15



Room number 15. Jobos, PR. March 2016. #beachgames #iphone




My dear friend photographer @irablockphoto tonight at dinner in Brooklyn. Ira’s book on Cuban baseball is upcoming. A self initiated project of about 2 years of work. Everybody loves Ira. He’s funny, serious, playful, dedicated, talented, and super pro. Quick witted yet thoughtful. Keep an eye out for Ira’s baseball book. Ira also has enough “blackmail” on me from years past to keep me friendly forever. Isn’t that what friends are for?

In Louisville



I have just arrived in Louisville, Kentucky for my exhibit at the Paul Paletti Gallery which opens in about two hours. Yea cutting it close. I haven’t seen the show yet because I was shooting in Puerto Rico when it was hung. If you happen to be in Louisville come on by for a look and a glass of bourbon. 5-8pm. Tonight April 7. Show hangs til end of June. ‪#‎louisvilleky‬



Afternoon storm builds outside the broken wall of an old lighthouse built in 1889 that the locals call “las ruinas” near Wilderness surfers beach on the west side of Puerto Rico.#puertorico #jobos #fujixpro2

Sunset pose


Sunset pose. Jobos, Puerto Rico. After teaching my workshop in Old San Juan, I came to Jobos and havn’t moved. In general I don’t move much. I tend to fly far from home, yet then settle into a new “home” so I can get to know those around me and blend into the scene. Jumping from place to place just isn’t my thing. Do I miss some good scenes by not being the perfect tourist? Surely I do. Yet for me it’s more about mood than about a new place. I can’t go everywhere and see everything anyway. I think photographers often burn out trying to do so. So I figure wherever I am when the vibe is right is THE place to be. Pictures are everywhere. I would rather hang tight in a few places than scramble to see dozens. After I’m totally saturated in one location, then I may move. So for a world traveler I havn’t been to that many places, yet I sure have seen a lot. #beachlife #springbreak #beachgames #surfer #puertorico #jobos #fujixpro2 #sunset