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Thai boxing



Thai boxing in Pattya beach town. I’m headed back here soon to shoot a segment of BeachGames. The tiniest kids will box. Seemed dangerous to soft children skulls to me but I’m a photographer not a judge. #thailand #thaiboxing #pattya



It’s unseasonably warm and foggy here in the outer banks. While usually folks here are complaining about the cold this time of year, they seem oddly uncomfortable with the warm. As if something is seriously wrong. El Niño is the rationale. While I like warm more than cold, winter here is relatively mild compared to further north. Winter also reduces tourism which could use some reduction one way or another. In winter it’s only the locals mostly, less traffic, shorter grocery lines and I get work done in winter that just isn’t happening in summer. Tourism brings some seriously ugly construction. Like this miniature golf course. This morning I was up early shooting waves and birds, yet I end up publishing Jurassic plastic. Hmmm, makes no sense. Yet I’m sure kids love it and if kids love it mom and dad are stopping. I too have played this mini golf course with friends and a cold beer. Warm continues for another few days I think. I’m headed for my bike while it lasts #outerbanks #beachgames

Full moon


Full moon at old lighthouse ruins near Wilderness surf break Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.




Chesapeake Bay


Chesapeake Bay town of Cape Charles, Va. The bay was formed 35 million years ago by an asteroid 5 miles wide. Cape Charles is 120 years old and was built on an agriculture and fishing economic base common to the entire Eastern Shore of Virginia. Most residents of the state of Virginia don’t even know about the Eastern Shore and certainly have never been here. It’s separated from the main landmass by the Chesapeake Bay and is just a sliver of land between the Bay and the Atlantic. Capt. John Smith did sail right by here in 1607 on his way to set up the first permanent English colony in nearby Jamestown. So lots of history here. My filmmaker son Erin lives here and so family gathered for a few days. He lives here for the small town feel and the excellent kite boarding, both respites from his world travel adventures. #virginia #capecharles


Miami Beach. Liaryz Ramos with her Instax. You’ve seen Liaryz in quite a few of my photos the last two weeks. We met on my Puerto Rico project where she was a model only . I had no clue she was a budding photographer. She joined me here in Miami as a digi and shooting assist. So she ends up hanging with the @magnumphotos crowd which is a tough nut to crack. Yet she did it and was especially embraced by our new young women photographers Newsha Tavakolian and Carloyn Drake. Overall the Magnum reunion at our annual hang out time was the big warm. Every time I hang with my Magnum colleagues I am keen to notice the extreme individualism expressed by each member . No two even close to being a clone of the other. Yet a group . Of individuals . For 70 years. Long overdue to fade away. But it won’t happen. New blood generates energy and older blood sets a bar. It works. Every real photographer reading this can at least learn something by studying Magnum. Thanks Liayrz for your incredibly powerful energy. Safe travels home mi amiga. #miami #beachgames #iphone #instax





South Beach, Miami. Avalon Hotel. #beachgames #southbeach #miami #iphone

Catalena and Alessandra


South Beach, Miami. Dear friends Catalena,9, and her mom Magnum photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti. Magnum photographers are gathered now in Miami Beach to show work to each other and biz light. Bonding at its best. Alessandra and Catalena were subjects of mine 8 years ago when I was working on my American Family series. #beachgames #fujifilm #southbeach #miami



South Beach, Miami. From my early morning coffee seat at the Avalon. #miami #southbeach #beachgames #iphone

Dasha and Jasmine


South Beach, Miami. Many thanks Dasha and Jasmine for playing BeachGames. So much appreciated. I think we made 2-3 special pictures. Required attendance at the layout session. I thought I had finished this essay last spring and am now wondering if I’ll be done by this spring. But if I keep this fire in the belly I’ll keep shooting. And manifestations of storyline keep getting tweaked. Failure always possible. Overcoming fear is always the first and last step. Then get loose then bust ass while being chill..At least that’s what i try to do. ‪#‎beachgames‬ ‪#‎miami‬ ‪#‎southbeach‬ ‪#‎fujifilm‬