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Sand Fence




Michelle is gonna have a baby. Like soon. Like forecast for Christmas Day. I got $20.on a birth time Dec 23rd at 10pm in the family illegal gambling pool…My son Bryan is the dad which makes me the granddad, an idea i hv yet to fully grasp. Of course Michelle is always my #1 model. Yet never more than now.

Jockeys Ridge


Shallowbag Bay


Ring Artist


I only looked up from my pasta in Seattle to see this ring artist Sarah performing for the dinner crowd.

Gum Wall – Seattle



Sunday Morning

Just arrived in Seattle from Korea.. Too exhausted jet lagged whatever than to walk more than a block from my hotel and shoot what everybody shoots.

Fish tank. Incheon, Korea


Stainless. Korea




Chinese tourists only minutes off of their 16 hr ferry ride from Dandong, China immediately practice tai-chi in front of the port terminal in Incheon, Korea.

16 Hour Ferry


Just off a 16 hour ferry from the Chinese city Dandong, tourists arrive in the Korean port of Incheon. Chinese are fascinated by Korean culture and entertainment and yes shopping.

Shaman. Busan, Korea


Hotel dog. Geoje Island, Korea


Tongyeong, Korea

Picture 11

Hotel Rooms

Picture 4

I have no clue how many hotel rooms I have checked into in 40 plus years traveling around the world camera in hand. Hundreds? Thousands? So I am surprised by little when I turn the key. However tonight my Korean hosts booked me into a hotel smack in the middle of an amusement park in the port city of Incheon. A first. Oh yea, another little surprise. My room is equipped with a rappelling kit for a fast exit out my window 8 floors up, in case the place catches fire. Hmmm, think I will settle for a carousel ride and some cotton candy before I crash.

Band on the run

Band on the Run

Band on the run. I now have a two week commission to photograph sea coast life in Korea and help this Korean TV crew film me doing it. “In Frame” a tv doc series to come featuring 5 Magnum photographers: Alex Webb. Chris Steele-Perkins, Thomas Dvorzak, Patrick Zachmann all preceded yours truly on their own essays prior. Korean crew here are: Fixer, Lee Kyung Taek; Assistant to Director, Cho Yong Seong; Cameraman,Seo Jong Baek; and Producer, Lee Myung Woo. We get up at 4am and get to bed at 1am eating every meal, hours on the road, and sharing every experience together. Family we are as we share a one of a kind one time adventure.

Busan, Korea

Picture 15