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Milan. Friends off to work.



Milan. June 20, 2016. iPhone.




Milan. June 20, 2016. iPhone.



Milan. June 20, 2016

Workshop class


My two day photo workshop class at the @leicaakademieitaly in Milan. A fine group to be sure. They came to understand my tough love approach to critique. For their own good. We just said goodbye Italian style which is a good solid 5 goodbyes!! One of the most charming qualities of Italy. Gotta love it. Now I move on to an assignment in Italy from the New York Times Magazine. It’s a full on schedule. For sure I won’t be without great food and wine and sincere amicos. I also doubt there is any sleep plan. They sleep of course. Not me. Not yet. It’s a bit of a crazy life to be sure but also rich beyond rich. Big abbracci to @leicantropus @mauriziobeucci @cristianozabeo from Leica Academy and @camillerv92 my right hand for this work. Also special appearances by @francopagetti and @diegorlando. Thanks all🎈







William Klein,88, photographer, painter, filmmaker at the opening of his retrospective exhibition last night in Milan at PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE. I know Klein mostly as a b&w street photographer whose best work was done in Italy, Paris, and New York in the 60’s yet he was eclectic and also did fashion and film. I’m not the type who dwells on the so called good old days. I think into the future. Yet seeing Klein and his subject matter did make me take pause. A more defined time than now. Clear lines in the sand. So I have to admit a wee bit of nostalgia to a bygone era. Klein got to explore in ways impossible now. Yet even as feeble as he now is, he had his camera around his neck and was shooting pictures last night. Plus he signed a book for me. I had never met him prior. I was a teenager when he was rocking it in New York. Yet for sure I was his student. My teachers were the books of painters and photographers who came before me. So last night was the most moving of experiences to finally meet one of my mentors. Humbled. Thank you Mr. William Klein for your work of the highest order. 🎈



I’ve just checked into my hotel in Milan and I usually shoot a picture from my room. Coming from Rome to Milan is a bit of an architectural shock, yet I tend to view the most interesting aspects of any new place. I’m headed for an exhibition of master William Kline who will be at the opening tonight. It’s raining hard. Someday I will buy an umbrella. #Milan

Santa Maria della Scala



Rome. Santa Maria Della Scala. My favorite view for my morning coffee in Trastevere. A half hour from this moment and this same place will be packed with tourists. Just a reality of summer travel everywhere in the world.




Camille. Rome.