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Karaoke bar



TKO. Students work late into the night. Don’t worry. We are just chilling karaoke bar after working all day. I’m a results mentor. Killer student slide show Sunday night at Reminders Project Stronghold in Tokyo. If you are in town please stop by.#magnumtokyoworkshop #dahworkshop

Elevator good night

12509381_10156448142970022_7789377304238384605_n TKO. Too many beers . An elevator good night. ‪#‎tokyo‬ ‪#‎dahworkshop‬





12552619_10156438114260022_622040555606313528_n TKO.





Tokyo birds


Tokyo. See previous caption #tokyo #fujifilm

The bridge



Oregon Inlet bridge outer banks NC. I get a bit nostalgic every time I cross the bridges here. It means I’m either leaving or coming home and a bridge is such a clear line of arrival or departure to or from this island. I know adventure of some kind awaits as I now leave for Japan. I will embrace meeting new people seeing new things. Yet my heart always skips a beat when I cross the bridge headed home. #obx #oregoninletbridge




I always take the guys, who are constantly fixing something on my old house, to lunch. It’s ceremonial. They come and work on my place if the surf isn’t up or they don’t have a bigger job with somebody else. Island rules. They are also good friends. I took this iPhone shot while having my usual beef tacos at a Mexican place, my crew’s fave fast food spot. Somehow we were there last Sunday and the place was packed with folks coming from church. Kids of a certain age get separated from mom and dad and have their own lunch table where this girl showed off a dance move. I’m always shooting every day little scenes that most likely won’t end up as a “select. Yet I shoot anyway everyday almost everything just to stay “tuned”.. If I don’t shoot for a couple of days I get rusty fast. Takes time to get back in the groove after down time no matter how brief. I leave for Japan in the morning so my scene will be changing quickly.





Seoul. Trendy mall. Again, part of both my youth in Seoul story @magnumphotos and a slice of my fiction piece Dream Hotel.#seoul




Bangkok. Ladyboys prepare for a fashion show. For a collaborative book on Thailand involving 100 photographers spread throughout the country. My essay was on Bangkok nightlife. This is also a part of my “Dream Hotel” sequence, a one night fantasy.#bangkok #ladyboys #fashionshow #thailand#onedayinthelifeofthekingdom