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Magnum Collectors Circle dinner


Magnum Collectors Circle dinner last night at Milk Studios. A round of applause for Elena Glinn representing her husband Burt Glinn whose lifetime of work was exhibited. His pictures of Fidel Castro, Andy Warhol, and Bridget Bardot jumped out along with his brilliant street photography ‪#‎magnumphotos‬

The Kibbutz


I will spend this week in New York. “The Kibbutz”, my NYC home for about 7 years may become a real photo focus for me. A few other Magnum photogs have lived here but now it’s only @christopherandersonphoto, @michaelchristopherbrown and myself. It’s a classic loft ex light factory building sitting right on the East River with an amazing rooftop view of Manhattan. Characters live here. It’s a community. That won’t last. Developers will kill this place sooner rather than later. So I might start shooting in earnest. Today there was an elevator shaft fire and I took this picture of passersby. Never a dull moment at The Kibbutz.

Outside of Venice…


Somewhere outside of Venice.



 My living room is a mess. The kind of chaos where I thrive. Pictures all over the floor. Pictures all over the tables and chairs and taped to the walls. We are swimming in pictures. Kaya and I are making a dummy for my upcoming zine BeachGames. Runs to the copy shop, pizza ordered in, fresh spring breeze, doors all opened and a fire going just to have a fire going. This is no way to do a dummy. Best to start on a wall. Yet the mood hit and so we just started doing it. These hand crafted dummies become one of a kind objects. Rough. Ragged. Raw. This work from Rio is brand new and all from the last 10 months. Fast work. Not to be put on a pedestal. Yet I hope I will draw you in. Force you to feel it too. The whole point of all my work. So it’s very fortuitous that simultaneously I am publishing Tell It Like It Is my reprint from 1967 and BeachGames from a few weeks ago. Both large print exhibitions at in June. So I am putting in long days long nights. The spring breeze brings energy. It’s always about the energy. #beachgames #obx #BurnBooks






Kaya Lee Berne, my all around keep my life straight first assistant, has come to my home to help me set my darkroom for the 100 8×10 prints I will personally print for the limited edition version of my upcoming Tell It Like It Is. While we are mixing chemicals for the darkroom we are here testing the Leica Monochrom up against the Fuji x100T set on b&w mode. This Instagram shot is the Monochrom shot which does have a file the Fuji cannot match . Right out of the camera the monochrome looks like an exhibition print yes even on the screen. Done deal. BUT I will bet the Fuji would compete if it was a monochrom — minus those filters. Fuji file great and if you didn’t see the Leica you would be pleased. Leica has very slow buffer. Fuji super fast. Leica expensive. Fuji a great deal. Anyway we are all b&w mode for the moment. #obx #leica #monochrom #tellitlikeitis

Lois Liggins


An exhibition life sized test print hangs on my door at home. That’s Lois Liggins,7,in 1967. Lois and I are friends again now. She was the cover subject for the original Tell It Like It Is and now the cover for the new reprint coming any day now . I am starting to print for a show for the upcoming Look3 photo fest. I am hoping Lois, now 56, will join me at #look3 #tellitlikeitis

Sunday musings


Sunday musings. See story So I didn’t move today and for this picture taken just now I did not get out of my chair by the fire. The afternoon light always does amazing things in my house . Different every day. Here is Mike Halminski’s “Seashell” and some slides that need filing and my grandmother’s chair and pillows from India and woven women’s belts from Maya Guatamala and my dad’s sled and my photo from college and my nearly beyond repair fave porch swing..Not much going on here. Perfect. Sunday musings.

Four trees


Four trees. #leica #monochrom #storm #rio

Verona at midnight


Verona at midnight. #monochrom #verona