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Avalon fishing pier. Outer Banks NC. 7-7-17. Ain’t no landmark down here on this island more unique than Avalon. The clay court crowd don’t come here. It just wouldn’t work. What I like about these folks is they just don’t give a shit what anybody thinks. Really don’t. Some locals think the Avalon is where the tough crowd hangs. It’s a mix for sure. Mexicans, blacks, Russians, fishermen, surfers, construction workers and the ladies who serve me grits for breakfast and oh yea some teenagers smoking pot. Pretty rough crowd alright. Once everybody figures out I’m not an undercover cop or an immigration officer, I can shoot just fine. Building instant trust is what my type of so called street photography is all about. I just started today shooting OBX for a special commission for most of the summer. I just need to make 15 exhibition worthy pictures between now and September. Fits my mood fits my life just fits. If you are an aspiring photographer make sure from the get go to roll where you feel the vibe. Comfort zone. I only get a decent picture every once in awhile. But I’m just like these folks. I don’t care. I’ll settle for the enjoyment of the process. If I didn’t have a camera, I would not have met these two who’ve lived here since ’82. I sent them quickly an iPhone shot as a text message. They couldn’t remember their email address nor do they have FB or IG . Fantastic! Yet they’ve had each other for 40 years. I never ask too many questions. I just listen. Then step back and take a simple snap. I doubt this makes the final cut. Yet you gotta start somewhere.

Lil fisherman


Skim boarder races for the waves as his father baits the hook. Outer Banks NC 7-4-17


Outer Banks NC 6-2-17


475 Kent Ave. 6-30-17

Wythe & 9th

Wythe & 9th. Brooklyn. 6-28-17

Bedford Ave


Bedford Ave. Brooklyn.



475 Kent Ave. The Kibbutz

475 Kent


475 Kent Ave. The Kibbutz



475 Kent Ave. The Kibbutz


Brooklyn. 6-20-17