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This is the FotoLeggendo building in Rome where more than 20 photographers are exhibiting work. The opening is tonight June 10 at 6pm. See my Snapchat for coverage of the whole bit. I must thank my dear friends and BurnMagazine editors Diego Orlando ( curator of my Tell It Like It Is show) and Anton Kusters who started Burn with me 9 years ago and is now helping hang my show now. 2 hours to go and last minute details will take them right up show opening time. It’s always like this no matter how in advance prep is done. Just the nature of all we do. Come tonight if you are in Rome. I think a big festa is about to happen.🎈🎉




I arrived in Rome yesterday. Tomorrow night is an opening for my exhibit of “Tell It Like It Is” , my work and book from 1967 on the Liggins family in Norfolk, Va. Artist talk on Sunday. I usually take a picture from any window where I stay and this from my apartment in Trastevere last night around midnight. If you are in Rome please join me tomorrow night. Or Sunday where I will be presenting a larger body of work. Many old friends from Italy are already here and I am so pleased to be back. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Italy. No place quite like it. “Tell It Like It Is” exhibition, Officine Fotografiche, Via Giuseppe Libetta 1, Rome, Italy. Friday June 10th, 6:00pm.




475 Kent ave Brooklyn. ‪#‎475kent





Sometimes my Orthodox landlord of 475 Kent stops by. Ostensibly looking for his rent check. He refuses to make it easy and go PayPal. He prefers a knock on the door and a paper check. It’s a ritual. He also refuses to be photographed, usually won’t let his eyes wander to my layout wall lest he sees something he shouldn’t see, and yet seems quietly fascinated by what I do. Sometimes both he and his wife come and they sit down and chat. I photographed his daughter’s wedding w medium format film about 6 years ago as part of my American family project and had incredible access. I gave him prints of course. Nachman and I are friends. He rarely speaks yet he told me once I had a good Jewish heart. I was raised Protestant. We live in totally different cultural worlds yet we do have a bond. Nachman also has come to love photo books and peruses whenever he can. It’s a good excuse to come looking for the rent check! Photo by @jmmitchem




Many of you know I am considering doing a book or zine on my building in New York. 475 Kent Ave. “A magnet for creative people from incredibly diverse fields” says writer Guy Lesser @ck6bguy pictured here who has lived at 475 for 17 years. It’s a community. In the best sense. Go up on the rooftop in summertime and everybody knows your name. It’s not gonna last forever. It’s an art object in and of itself so I feel compelled to either produce a book with the work of all the photographers who have lived here or just do my own thing. I’ve been shooting here all along for about 10 years. Either way fine. In the meantime I’ll just keep shooting. #475kent

Summer storm



NYC summer storm.



Yup I’ve published a lot from my apartment this week. Mostly because I just couldn’t leave. I had to be here 24/7 for my students. I only need 3-4 hrs of sleep ( with short siestas here and there) so I’m usually up for a long haul. We’ve all been saying goodbye for 2 days. We bond in my workshops. So leaving ,breaking up the mood, ending the intense collaboration, is just hard to do. We all feel it. Kaya says goodbye to Lena as Gabi and her mom do a selfie. That’s the way it’s been for the last 30 hours since the workshop was technically over. The big warm. I’ve got one day to chill, then off to Italy and the U.K. #newyork #fujifilm

Happy Honeymoon



Earlier today a couple was married under this wedding arch. None of us know who they were yet we are wishing them a long and happy life together. Or even something close to it. Lena Mucha, my scholarship recipient this week from Berlin has stolen my longtime fave subject Dasha Gavrylenko and is shooting her on our rooftop. Tomorrow night will have a lot of folks here coming to see our student workshop show and warm up celeb photog Bruce Gilden @magnumphotos. Happy Honeymoon to the newlyweds 🎈🎉




Dasha showed up by total surprise today. From Ukraine to New York. She showed up this afternoon at sunset and hung with my students. She knows workshops. She’s helped run a couple. It was at a workshop in Rio de Janeiro when I made this photo with a Leica Monochrom and it now appears in my essay in Leica M Magazine. Also the cover to be for my upcoming BeachGames book. Dasha and I met 5 years ago at Galaxy Golf a miniature golf course in Nags Head,NC. She was on work visa along with dozens young people who come from Ukraine each summer tourist season. It’s all about circles. #rio #workshops