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Outer Banks. Family.




Outer Banks. I’m just home from 6 weeks on the road. With no more than two nights in the same bed. On the move was I. Not my normal style. First I had an exhibit in Rome, then a workshop in Milan. Then a magazine assignment. I usually don’t move much on a shoot. I did this time out of respect for @tejucole and the New York Times Magazine and @kathyryan1 my good friend and pro colleague for 25 years or more. Plus it’s a very good story. Yet homesick I return to what summers here at home are all about. I have sworn to myself I won’t move for the rest of the summer. Will I be lazy? I wish I could be. I have work to do. Editing. Book layouts. Darkroom printing. Yet I will still try to waste as much time as possible!!!




Outer Banks summer day.



Malta. July 4, 2016. I must soon say goodbye to my Italian family and collaborators. Photographer Illaria Datri @leslis , Francesca Gennari @fran.gennari picture editor @burnmagazine and Diego Orlando @diegorlando have been an amazing team for our work for The New York Times Magazine the last two weeks. Now we relax a bit after our dinner with novelist Teju Cole @_tejucole who will craft the NYTimes piece. Thanks amici miei for some beautiful moments.

Malta by night






I’ve just arrived in Malta. In all my travels around the Mediterranean I’ve never been here before. It was never part of any plan I made. Yet after just a few hours I found myself shooting voraciously. Malta historically is a blend of all things Mediterranean and is yet now an independent country with its own language and its own airline and with only 6,000 citizens. Sure a lot of tourists but somehow managed way better than in many places .Pretty cool. I really do love surprises. #Malta

Morning twist


Morning twist. Sicily.

Daniela’s house


Daniela’s house. Sicily.




Cave studio bathroom. Sicily.

Daria’s cave



@magnumphotos photographer Alex Majoli shows my @burnmagazine team Daria Birang’s studio in a cave here in Scicli. Daria is Alex’ life partner and an artist/curator. Alex and Paolo Pellegrin and Diego Orlando and Adam Bloomberg have all set up shop in Scicli. I can see why. Super charming town here in Sicily. My Magnum brothers Majoli and Pellegrin are two of my all time favorite photographers. See their CONGO collaboration curated by Daria. Italy in general is the home of many artistic greats. After all the art history of Italy speaks for itself. #Sicily @magnumphotos @dariabirang