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I rarely, if ever, take sunrise or sunset pictures. My good neighbor in the Outer Banks @obxhomepage Frank owns that territory here. Yet after being sick in bed for two days, I climbed the sand dune in front of my house this morning, saw this, and could not resist, That line of cottages are the last of the original Nags Head summer cottages, most around 60-90 years old. Probably about 40 of them left. When the first mainlanders built here the beachfront property was free. Homestead law. The outer banks were considered uninhabitable at the time. That property isn’t free anymore, and about 35,000 year around residents call this fragile strip of sand home. This is one of the reasons why. #outerbanks

A beer with Micha Bar Am



I have a beer with legend Magnum photographer for 60 years, Micha Bar Am. Part of the Magnum tribe is gathered in Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites for a bit of skiing and looking at each other’s latest work. Yes a bit of biz too, yet mostly we are here just to enjoy the mountains.  ‪#‎magnumphotos‬

Olga & Dasha


Olga and Dasha from Moscow dance to the music at lunchtime break before making another ski run in the Dolomites in Madonna di Campiglio. I rarely get a chance to ski and am in basic survival get to the bottom of the mountain safe mode. Spectacular spring ski weather has everyone exalting.

Anna Maria & Luciano


Anna Maria and Luciano have been married for 55 years. They are the owner/managers of my hotel in Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites. Anna Maria loves flowers and they are everywhere. Skiing is the scene here and some of my Magnum colleagues have gathered just to ski, hike, and share new book dummies etc.. It’s a family affair. Better hosts we could not have. The best of times.

Late night rendezvous


Diego Orlando, picture editor of BurnMagazine, Francesca Gennari, social media at Burn and Mauro Bedoni , photo editor of COLORS magazine, join me for a late night rendezvous in Treviso where we are working on printing my “Tell It Like It Is” book. We are meticulously tweaking every detail before actually hitting the go button on the presses next week. . #Treviso #tellitlikeitis




Art as Life


Verona. Yesterday afternoon I was a typical tourist with an iPhone taking snapshots and savoring the winter sun. The Italian wing of @burnmagazine is gathered to help get me through my TEDx talk tonight, drink some fine wines, and plan our future publishing ventures. My talk is titled Art as Life under the broad TEDx theme of Beyond the Wall where I will be part of a 12 speaker ensemble. As a kid in grade school I was unable and terrified to even stand in front of my class to make a book report, and this totally feels like that. I am totally looking forward to this being over. Mrs.McClannan, my 6th grade teacher, would understand. She did introduce me to Shakespeare so I guess it all makes sense. Stay tuned. #Tedx #verona



Verona, Italy. Maya stopped by my table tonight. Begging. Loves Italian bread. 4 years old, Maya is part retriever part shepherd. She can have my bread anytime. Sweet Maya.

Delta flight 4321 seat 9A



Abandoned house


What’s more fun than photographing an old abandoned house in a snowstorm? Hmmm wasn’t I just in Rio a few days ago? Anyway,we rarely get snow in the Outer Banks and most houses are inhabited at the beach , so none of this is the norm. This house most likely dates back to 1880 according to owner Chaz Winkler and Dorothy Hope who run the Outer Banks Beachcomber Museum which is open to the public one day per year. I gotta love this place :) Anyway they hope to restore this house when they can raise the funds to do so. Chaz claims the place has sturdy guts to it. “They built em strong back then” he says. Like many of the old houses here, Chaz thinks this one is in its third location. These barrier islands move constantly, so only castles of sand are built here. Those of us crazy enough to live here know it’s a movable feast. We’er here for the weather. For better and for worse. #obx #outerbanks #nagshead #leica #monochrom

Grandma Leona

Retro. 1968. My grandmother, Leona Harvey, in her kitchen. Lawton, Iowa. She grew up with a simple spartan farmer’s daughter then farmer’s wife lifestyle. No nonsense. No frills. No electricity. No running water. No complaints. Drove her own car, maintained her own house til she passed at 97. I have now in my house a beautiful cut glass water pitcher that she received as a wedding present. She didn’t want to “show off” so she kept it hidden in a closet in its original box her whole life. She and my grandfather ( farmer, photo hobbyist, fisherman and trumpet player) got in their farm pickup truck once and drove two lane roads to see our family “back east” in Virginia. Non stop. No point wasting money on a motel. “Grammy” and I were close. Her apple pies the best. Salt of the earth folks there in Iowa. Humble, self sufficient. She only let me take this one picture. She would really be mad at me if she knew I published it. Only this one Grammy only this one. Big love



Super retro. 1958. My brother Gary,8, fishes in the Mahoning River in Warren, Ohio. This is one of my earliest prints. I was 14. Omega B2 enlarger. Leica IIIF. Tri-X film. Medalist #3 paper. In those days my only photo subjects were my family. Close then, close now. #leica #childhood #fishing #ohio

Roseate spoonbill


Roseate spoonbill. Everglades Nat.Park, Florida. This is a change of pace shot. One of the very few times I have used a long lens. #spoonbill #telephoto #everglades #florida

The Wall

Rio de Janeiro. The Wall. My 6-7 weeks of shooting on BeachGames zine comes down to this wall. This is not a sequence, not a layout. Simply the best pictures up so I could walk around with a coffee or beer and study the images. To think about what works and what doesn’t . These selects will probably be cut by 50%. When I start the layout I will know for sure. It’s to be a zine not a book. For sure it’s a real life story. Not documentary in the traditional sense. Yet an authentic adventure or diary. This ends my shooting in Rio which started in 2010.. A NatGeo story (2012) and my book (based on a true story ) came out of this long immersion. Now my final BeachGames to be published this spring. Is this goodbye to Rio? Well for shooting probably yes. I have squeezed the lemon. Time to move on. However I will always return to see my Carioca friends who are so dear to me. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. No project I ever did ran this deep. The Wall. Life.

#beachgames #Rio

Last days of Summer

Rio de Janeiro. Thunderstorm sends everyone running. It’s that time of year. Winter is coming. Last days of summer. Temperatures will soon drop to as low as 65 F in mid winter. July. Yet summer is not over . I left Rio yesterday and it was 100F..I got home to 9F. A 90 degree F flip. Now sitting by my fire. Dreaming of winter in Rio. #beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom


Rio de Janeiro. I could not imagine anyone trying to have a marriage ceremony in the middle of a Carnaval bloco party, yet this couple seemed to think it was a good idea. It was chaotic to say the least. The groom, Vinicius Avelino, did disappear about three minutes after the ceremony but the bride, Juliana Cerqueira, didn’t seem too surprised. After all it is Carnaval. #beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom

CandyBox club

Rio de Janeiro. CandyBox club at the Sambodromo during Carnaval. ‪#‎beachgames‬ ‪#‎rio‬ ‪#‎carnaval‬