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I think I can speak here properly for all the international photographers and organizations who were guests here for the first Xposure International Photo Festival in Sharjah UAE in expressing our gratitude for exceptional hospitality. The big warm. His Excellency Sheikh Sultan (center) made it happen by reaching out to World Press Photo, The Associated Press, Magnum, Canon, and about 25 iconic photographers to create workshops, seminars and exhibitions. As photography gains incredible popularity world wide , Sheikh Sultan’s own personal interest in photography has manifested itself here in Sharjah. a cultural and art center here in the Emirates. Check out www.Xposure.AE. Sheikh Sultan is flanked here by General Humad Al Hudaidi and his son Mohammed. Thank you. Shokran. @xposurexpf



Old Dubai. One of my photographs on exhibit at the Xposure International Photo Festival in Sharjah UAE. There are just two days left for this wide range of photo exhibitions , workshops, and equipment displays. I will lead a Magnum panel discussion at 7pm this evening with Carolyn Drake and Ian Berry. Please join us.@magnumphotos

Father and son


Father and son. The rulers of Dubai. Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan @faz3 and father His Highness Sheikh Mohammed watch the final horse race at the Dubai World Cup. Sheikh Hamdan, 32, is an avid adventure photographer as he travels around the world as an active ambassador for Dubai. Check out his IG account (4.2m) and you will see he is a skydiver, scuba diver, and horseman superior. This team never rests. Always on the move to mirror a positive image for Dubai and the UAE. I’ve just returned to the UAE. This time with an exhibition of my work now displayed in Sharjah at the Xposure Photo Festival. The UAE holds a special fascination for me especially since the culture is so different from Latin America where I most often work. The photographs of mine on exhibit now in Sharjah are eclectic in theme. The hospitality extended to me in both Dubai and Sharjah is the most extraordinary official hospitality in my life. I am a complete outsider, yet they have extended warm arms . I plan a book soon on the UAE “Up From Sand” a visual exploration of a young country rising very fast from the desert in less than 40 years . Unbelievable. Stay tuned for more photos from Dubai and Sharjah and keep your eye on my IG Stories.



Dried wedding flowers.





Eugene Richards



Tonight I took my Burn workshop team to meet the iconic photographer extraordinaire Eugene Richards at his opening at the Bronx Documentary Center. I gotta tell you the BDC @bronxdocumentarycenter the coolest photo gallery in New York. In the original real New York. Gene’s show is stunning. A must see.

Kent series



From a series on 475 Kent. My building in Brooklyn has tales to tell. Check out @oliweirdtwist IG Stories for some workshop behind the scenes.




Gabi Perez is sliced by a piece of late afternoon light in my New York studio . She’s running the show at my photo workshop running all next week. Hence an afternoon prep and check. These New York workshop weeks always border on out of control. In a good way. Artists can’t be boxed. Must work the edges. That’s what I do in my life and work and mentoring. I view each workshop group as a whole new piece of clay. To be shaped totally dependent on who THEY are. My only job is to get them fired up. I don’t seek clones. I seek new voices. I think we will try to put the results online. Also keep your eye on Snapchat and IG Stories for a taste of the process.

Beach Road


Beach road. Salvo, Outer Banks NC.



I’m taking you with me via Instagram Stories on my journey in a few days to New York for my week long loft workshop. That’s always an adventure. Then to Sharja/Dubai UAE for my exhibition. Then to Bangkok ( photo here)for a Magnum workshop. See Magnum Photos website, EVENTS. So I’m still on my front porch ( see IG Stories) yet not for long. This is the sweetest weather of the year here and I’m leaving. Well I long ago realized it was very hard to be everywhere at once. Always tough choices. Come see me NYC or Sharja or Bangkok workshop. Or I’m back outer banks by end of November most likely. I want to finish shooting my BeachGames book in Thailand. These dancers backstage in Bangkok were part of my essay Dream Hotel. @magnumphotos #bangkok